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Fuel your body with IsoSport™ Pro369 Hemp Protein Powder and IsoSport™ Hydrate Hemp Water! Balance body and mind with IsoSport™ Drops CBD Beverage Enhancer, IsoSport™ Guard Oral CBD Spray! Get the relief to perform at your best with IsoSport™ Ease Pain Relief CBD Capsules and IsoSport™ Mend Cooling CBD Pain Cream! Because we are committed to supporting the unique performance and recovery needs of athletes at all levels, we power our ISOSport™ Guard, Hydrate, and Drops with Nano-amplified Heneplex™. This hemp-derived proprietary blend delivers ultimate support for both mind and body wellness in training, competition, and the demands of daily life. And our formulas are always THC-free.

At ISOSport™, we are committed to creating superior products to support the unique performance and recovery needs of professional and prosumer athletes. Our hemp-based nutrition line supports both mind and body wellness and serves to facilitate systemic balance and cognitive function for optimal performance. Harnessing the best of science and nature, our products are powered by nanotechnology for maximum benefit, delivering phytocannabinoids and other essentials for quick effect and enduring results. These powerful lifestyle products address common issues associated with athleticism and help to support a healthy, peak-performing body and mind. With a highly concentrated blend of nano-phytocannabinoids and other essentials, ISOSport™ products are formulated to perform quickly and effectively.

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The combination of over 75 botanical terpenes and cannabinoids in Heneplex™ creates a powerful synergistic blend. Hemp cannabinoids are botanical chemical compounds that deliver an array of wellness benefits. Terpenes activate serotonin uptake inhibitors. Both compounds act on receptors and neurotransmitters in the body’s endocannabinoid system, helping create and support internal homeostasis, despite the rigors and demands of athleticism.

Nanotechnology makes the particles in Heneplex™ small enough for the body to fully absorb them at the cellular level and reap maximum benefits. Human cells can only fully absorb particles smaller than themselves. The nano-sized cannabinoid particles in this formula mean the body can use virtually all of them for both quick results and enduring systemic balance.

Heneplex™ powered IsoSport Mend Cooling CBD Pain Cream helps your body focus on what matters to you, so power your performance with ISOSport™.

Athletic exertion demands serious support for muscles and joints. That’s why we power our ISOSport™ Mend Cooling Pain Cream with Cebidiol™. Combining the best of nature with scientific technology, Cebidiol™ makes topical-delivery of hemp-derived CBD ultimately effective. And this formula is always THC-free and made with Kosher ingredients.

The proprietary formulation in Cebidiol™ delivers time-released benefits for the aches and pains of athleticism. That’s because we microencapsulate the CBD particles into layers for enduring relief. This mode of delivery makes the active ingredients more effective and the results more consistent.

The encapsulated particle clusters are suspended in this formula for topical application and released at intervals. Encapsulation makes delivery through the skin more effective. The easily absorbed formulation eliminates irritation and optimizes each and every dose. Results are more powerful due to the concentration and duration on the dermis and epidermis. And because the encapsulated material is protected and enclosed, it won’t metabolically degrade.

CBD spray | CBD beverage enhancer Cebidiol™ helps your body recover and get back in action, so power your performance with ISOSport™.

Our commitment to sustainable agriculture means a better planet and healthier products. We source the hemp for our products from non-GMO crops grown without pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides.

Our processes are ISO 9001 certified. This international certification holds our company, processes, and products to superior standards and reflects our commitment to excellence. In addition, our facilities are Good Manufacturing Practices/GMP certified. We are proud to offer this combined level of assurance and consistency.

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